Lewis Power Léon Interactive Light
Léon Interactive Light is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Léon Interactive Light

Léon means to engage the user in a lighting experience, leaving behind traditional archetypes of home lighting and with this the physical switch. Employing two proximity sensors controlling hue and brightness, the user lifts and lowers their hands over these sensors to determine the lighting effect. As light is intangible, it is apt that the switch should be too. Through a more poetic interaction with light, Lewis believes the user will find a renewed sensitivity to the lighting atmospheres they create.

Léon Interactive Light
Lewis Power Léon
Lewis Power Interactive Light
Lewis Power design
Lewis Power design
Lewis Power

Lewis Power, having recently graduated with honours in Industrial Design from the UK balances his time between design and surfing in the small seaside town of Saltburn. His design ideology is composed from of a sensitivity to the future whilst also being considerate of the poetics of the past. He believes that there must be a rationale for a design that transcends from simply being pleasing to the eye. A design needs to address something more, such as form following function or a metaphor instilled within the architecture, that either through observation or interaction is discovered.