Max Bessone Nutratify packaging Capsules container
Nutratify packaging Capsules container is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Nutratify packaging Capsules container

Nutratify plastic capsule bottle is ergonomically designed, providing ease, style and a premium in use experience. User tested at every stage, its superior quality is clearly visible. The bottle is comfortable to use with one hand, it is easy to carry and doesn't roll in the bag or in the car. Apart from its functional benefits, the packaging communicates its five products through a simple, clear and colourful visual design and wooden texture. It shows its intuitive use and achieves a stand out effect on the shelf. Its natural colours tell a whole new story compared to competitors’ product.

Nutratify packaging Capsules container
Max Bessone Nutratify packaging
Max Bessone Capsules container
Max Bessone design
Max Bessone design
Max Bessone

Max is just someone in love with life who has developed the ability to successfully translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas, into reality. He's passionately curious and this makes of him a great life observer. Max is a creative & conceptual thinker who believes that an healthier and more responsible design, can make the world a better place.


The mission of Nutratify Organix is to provide the finest, all-natural, effective products through the power of superior plant-based ingredients that would revolutionize people's health and improve overall well-being. It offers nutrient packed powerhouse natural food supplements that are certified organic with high levels of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals that help increase immunity against diseases. The colored elements flowing in circular motion with plant leaf patterns on the surface represent a diverse group of pure plant and fruit extracts that effectively protect, support, and nourish life.