Twinsadhouse Tazze Nuts, dried fruits
Tazze Nuts, dried fruits is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Tazze Nuts, dried fruits

New packages have been designed in consideration of aspects such as taste, freshness, price perception and solid packaging. Differentiated promises of nuts and dried fruits for different target groups have been addressed in an integral but distinguishing design concept. The main inspiration about this project is the real taste of the product. The fact that the product is tasty and fresh, the visuals had to be tasty like it’s taken for a food styling magazine. The brand has different product lines for different target audiences but yet they all belong to the same brand with it’s graphic language.

Tazze Nuts, dried fruits
Twinsadhouse Tazze
Twinsadhouse Nuts, dried fruits
Twinsadhouse design
Twinsadhouse design

Salih Kandemir - President and Creative Director of Twinsadhouse About Twinsadhouse: Twinsadhouse is an independent advertising and design agency based in Istanbul Turkey. With a staff experienced in creating brand identity and package design, the company serves for various customers from domestic and international industries. Its business include brand development and design, package design, corporate identity, POP design, illustration, printed media and ATL works.


Tazze was created as a new brand focusing on the priorities individuals consuming nuts in Turkey. Designs reflect the quality products of the brand and emphasizing the freshness and taste of the products and making difference compared to the competitors Turkish FMCG market.