Twinsadhouse Yayla Gurme Pulses and Grains
Yayla Gurme Pulses and Grains is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Yayla Gurme Pulses and Grains

For Yayla Gurme series, our target was creating a consistent and valuable identity for the brand's "pulses of world" product line, distinguishing from similar designs in the legumes sector and making value added products noticeable on the shelves through the use of efficient and distinct design.

Yayla Gurme  Pulses and Grains
Twinsadhouse Yayla Gurme
Twinsadhouse Pulses and Grains
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Salih Kandemir - President and Creative Director of Twinsadhouse About Twinsadhouse: Twinsadhouse is an independent advertising and design agency based in Istanbul Turkey. With a staff experienced in creating brand identity and package design, the company serves for various customers from domestic and international industries. Its business include brand development and design, package design, corporate identity, POP design, illustration, printed media and ATL works.

Yayla Gurme

Yayla is the leader brand in Turkey in legumes sector. As being responsible for informing the customer, Yayla Gurme series' packs carry content marketing strategy as first priority. The design is shaped by taking inspiration from the richness, natural aspects and healthy living trends of the world’s legumes has been supported with academic studies and unique contents have been created from the history and main benefits of the products to the cooking techniques and delicious ideas. The main goal of Yayla Gurme packaging is to create a design that can answer the questions of consumers with transparency. The Yayla Gurme series are sold in grocery stores. Faces of locals in the countries cultivating legumes are the faces of packas and they are very noticeable on the shelves. The content marketing strategy will include augmented reality in near future.