Lin shaobin Cloudy Tea Tea Packaging
Cloudy Tea Tea Packaging is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Cloudy Tea Tea Packaging

Combined with the packaging of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting scroll, the design involves the inspiration of scroll into the tea tube and tea bag, which has different features from other designs. The advantages of this design is that people will have a sense of ritual when they opened the package. After opening the knot, it unfolds a picture of Chinese landscape painting which is composed of the roots of a tree, leaves of tea and flower of tea. It can not be seen before opening, thus the packaging only has concise patterns which only includes teapot, words and seal.

Cloudy Tea Tea Packaging
Lin shaobin Cloudy Tea
Lin shaobin Tea Packaging
Lin shaobin design
Lin shaobin design
Lin shaobin

Mr.Lin is member of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association.He have got more than 300 domestic and international awards. Including Newyork ONE SHOW Golden award, Russia Best of the Best Golden award, Hongkong International Poster Triennial Golden award, Taiwan International Graphic Design Golden award, Belgium Pentawards Silver award, Germany Red Dot and IF award etc.

Lin Shaobin

Runyuanchang tea company focus on high-end, professional-level development of Pu'er tea, the use of Brown Mountain tea unique Pu'er tea raw materials resources, Menghai Pu'er tea tradition and exquisite tea-making process for the majority of Pu'er tea faithful to provide high-tasting tea.