Bright Story Design Embassy Flavours Website
Embassy Flavours Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Embassy Flavours Website

A top-to-bottom redesign of Embassy Flavour's web experience. Using leading edge material design principles in combination with a clean and modern aesthetic, Embassy Flavours website and overall online experience were transformed and greatly enhanced. Beautiful imagery and rich text were incorporated into a mobile-first design resulting in a greatly improved and enjoyable online experience. Users reported having a pleasant experience when navigating the new site. They found the information easy to find and the layout intuitive and unique.

Embassy Flavours Website
Bright Story Design Embassy Flavours
Bright Story Design Website
Bright Story Design design
Bright Story Design design
Bright Story Design

A designer and strategist with a background in psychology and design strategy. Rob has practiced quality design principals for clients ranging from large corporations to start-ups.

Bright Story Design

Communication strategy and design firm. Specializes in helping clients better communicate through strong storytelling, design strategy principals, and high-quality design practices. In short, we help our clients tell meaningful stories through beautiful and engaging visuals.