Ton Wittebol EPSON Drupa2016 Exhibition stand
EPSON Drupa2016 Exhibition stand is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
EPSON Drupa2016 Exhibition stand

As Drupa is the largest paper and printing exhibition in the world d=3 was asked by Epson Europe to develop their new custom stand. The new "home" should accommodate the different markets EPSON serves, as well as offer space for reception and hospitality. For the 826 m2 stand d=3 created a simple large shape representing and covering the brand. The fascia was made of recycle-able hollow core sheets and ran along the perimeter of the stand. A level lower "trees" were planted, clearly identifying the different product areas. A pleasant and clear space.

EPSON Drupa2016 Exhibition stand
Ton Wittebol EPSON Drupa2016
Ton Wittebol Exhibition stand
Ton Wittebol design
Ton Wittebol design
Ton Wittebol

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Since it was founded more than 70 years ago Epson has continued to produce innovative products and services based on its efficient, compact and precision technologies. As embodied by their "Exceed Your Vision" corporate tagline, they have focused their corporate ethos of creativity and challenge on exceeding the expectations of their customers around the world with the ultimate aim of becoming an indispensable company for both customers and for society in general. Epson operates in the following businesses: - Printers Business (Home printers, business printers, scanners, SIDM, PC) - Professional Printing Business (Commercial printers, Industrial inkjet printing systems, commercial compact printers) - Visual communications Business (Projectors, Smart Eyewear, High-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panels) - Wearable Products Business (Wearable products for sports and personal healthcare, Watches, Sensing systems) - Robotics Solutions Business (Robot systems, IC handlers) - Microdevices, Other Business (Crystal devices, Semiconductors, Powdered metals, Surface processing)