Ning Zhang White Z Veranda
White Z Veranda is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
White Z Veranda

The Jinshan Agricultural Park is transformed into a recreational country park in the periphery of Shanghai. As a pilot program, the Z structure links up the earlier isolated projects and provides spaces for different activities of visitors. Veranda, an essential element in traditional Chinese gardening, has been selected as the theme of the design. Instead of a traditional veranda of complicated wood structure, the designer adopted a simple concrete structure that will not only harmonize the modern agricultural surroundings, but also guarantee a low cost of less than €80 per square meter.

White Z  Veranda
Ning Zhang White Z
Ning Zhang Veranda
Ning Zhang design
Ning Zhang design
Shanghai Langxia Government

Langxia, Jinshan modern agriculture park is located on southwest of Jinshan district, Shanghai. This 153-square-kilometre park, created a decade ago, functions as a demonstration area for both traditional and innovative farming methods. This includes fruit and vegetable cultivation, dairy and fish farming, and livestock breeding. In recent years, nearly one third of the land is planned to transfer the existing function to country parks, and opened to the public as a recreation space. It’s developer recently revealed the plan of the park, the first of six country parks in Shanghai. Compared with other country parks, the one in Langxia will focus on ecological restoration and sustainable development. The park will have the city's first suburban marathon route and will invite 20 agricultural enterprises to develop agro-tourism such as fruit-picking tours and farming workshops. Z structure as a pilot program, injected new vitality into the country park.