Happystudio The Joy of Fish Residential House
The Joy of Fish Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Joy of Fish Residential House

This house enjoys the convenience of the city and the intimacy of nature. The Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi promoted carefree wandering and becoming one with the Way by following nature. The designer combined it with the idea of less is more to create a practical living space without unnecessary decoration. The use of concrete, bamboos, plants and recycled materials reflect the natural surroundings and respect of the land. It also emotes the original desire of going back to where they came from. It could probably describe the joy of fish which is mentioned in the book named Zhuangzi.

The Joy of Fish Residential House
Happystudio The Joy of Fish
Happystudio Residential House
Happystudio design
Happystudio design

Jimmy Yung is a architectural and interior designer who dedicate in finding the way of human being how to being at home. Cities have been expanding for centuries and the population increases dramatically. Along with great changes caused by the highly developed internet services and threats of the latest infectious diseases, the dwelling has to evolve.All the traditional function defined by its activities, like an office, school, library, playground, track and field, restaurant etc., will connect like clouds and shrink like a mini-world. Therefore, a residence will interact with the desire of its tenants, acting like a treasure box.


Happystudio was established in 2005 by Jimmy Yung based in Taiwan. It is an internationally recognized and award-winning interior design firm with expertise in residential, commercial, and restaurant projects. In 2010, it set up the oversea branch in Shanghai to extend the reach of Mainland China. Happystudio believes that there is no perfect design but only most suitable design which can lead people to a better life.