STUDIO 33 Merlon Pub Identity, Branding
Merlon Pub Identity, Branding is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Merlon Pub Identity, Branding

The project of Merlon Pub represents an entire branding and identity design of a new catering facility within Tvrda in Osijek, the old Baroque town center, built in the 18th century as part of a large system of strategically fortified towns. In the defense architecture, the name Merlon means solid, upright fences designed to protect the observers and the military at the top of the fort.

Merlon Pub Identity, Branding
STUDIO 33 Merlon Pub
STUDIO 33 Identity, Branding
STUDIO 33 design
STUDIO 33 design

Co-founder and Creative director at STUDIO 33, Branding strategist, winning designer Branding strategist and winning designer with a MFA from School of Design Zagreb, Croatia in Visual Communication. With a career spanning over more than 8 years, Leo has gained experience as a freelance designer, an agency designer and a co-founder of his own agency.

Merlon Pivnica

Merlon is a new pub located in "Tvrda" widely known baroque center of the City from 18th-century. Tvrđa (Citadel) is the Old Town of the city of Osijek in Croatia. It is the best-preserved and largest ensemble of Baroque buildings in Croatia and consists of a Habsburg star fort built on the right bank of the River Drava. Tvrđa has been described by the World Monuments Fund as "a unique example of an eighteenth-century baroque military, administrative, and commercial urban center.