VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture Croma Bench System
Croma Bench System is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Croma Bench System

The Croma bench system with its essential, yet playful form and community-friendly space-shaping makes it a deliberate part of its environment. One of its advantages results from the versatility of its construction, as it consists of five basic modules which can make up large, block-like clusters. The diverse form constitutes small bays, where several groups of people can easily coexist. As an object, the Croma bench system is suitable for dividing a space in a subtle yet firm manner, making it an urban meeting point and lounging spot.

Croma Bench System
VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture Croma
VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture Bench System
VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture design
VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture design
VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture

The manufactory designs and produces furniture that creates harmony between the needs of its users, the applied materials and technology, as well as the aptitude of the venue. The ongoing revolution in concrete technology has allowed the production of their furniture. Due to the improvement of special materials, they are able to create solutions well suited for all public spaces and sites. The company keeps every phase of the design and manufacturing under control. Working with a self-developed concrete recipe and individually made moulds, the VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture can provide solutions for unique requirements as well.