Chenchi Lin Inside Out Cafe'
Inside Out Cafe' is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Inside Out Cafe'

The design is try to do something beyond the seeing, not only visual sense but also feeling and imagination, and then be fascinated. This project has a very small area exactly but feels quite bigger visually by using abstractive design thinking. The key concept of this case is to reverse interior to outer space, which is “inside out”.

Inside Out Cafe'
Chenchi Lin Inside Out
Chenchi Lin Cafe'
Chenchi Lin design
Chenchi Lin design
the Folks cafe'

Even though the owner of this cafe' is young, he is fully experienced and skilled. Since 2nd year of university, he started to study the coffee field although he was a student of design field as well. He was very sure that he wants to be a coffee expert from that time. To him, coffee is a connection of life and people. "I really really love the job of making coffee in front of customers." he said. He can share and be shared with everybody's life by a cup of wonderful coffee. So, he named his cafe' as "the Folks". And we liked the concept of people connection so we put it into one of the key concepts of this project.