Ryan Yeung Bag iStrap Bluetooth luggage tracker
Bag iStrap Bluetooth luggage tracker is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Bag iStrap Bluetooth luggage tracker

Bag iStrap is a Bluetooth wireless connected device to help travellers keeping their luggage on track again. With ideas of affordability, simplicity, durability and user-friendly in mind, the gadget will notify the user once their luggage has arrived on a specific mobile application. The special share information function also allows other people, such as airport staff, to help to search for the lost luggage. Unlike most of the existing design, the user is able to preserve their favourite luggage tag and at the same time keep the luggage in check.

Bag iStrap Bluetooth luggage tracker
Ryan Yeung Bag iStrap
Ryan Yeung Bluetooth luggage tracker
Ryan Yeung design
Ryan Yeung design
Ryan Yeung

Ryan Yeung (born in 1989) is a native Hong Kong designer specializing in product design. Upon graduation in Product Design from HKDI in 2009, he start his designing career in a wide range of projects spanning houseware, kitchenware, telecommunications and IoT device. After a year of working in a gift box design company, Ryan establish a clear objective for his career – become a designer that sharing joyful user experience to peoples. He worked for BALS Corporation in Japan in 2011 and designed a range of houseware and kitchenware such as tableware, cutlery, tools and even fabric items. In 2015, Ryan made up his mind to take the new challenge and joined his current company Tektos Ecosystems Limited in Hong Kong and began to design customer electronic and IoT devices. He accumulated a lot of experience while working in Tektos and received some international design awards such as Design for Asia Award, German Design Award and European Product Design Award. Ryan enjoys communicating with peoples through design, and devotionally believes that good design should follow human behavior more than providing a ten pages user manual. It’s a process of observing, learning, and then creating for others.

Tektos Ecosystems Limited

Tektos Ecosystems Limited is a company with a 10-year legacy. It designs, develops, and manufactures award winning consumer goods for a variety of trusted and respected international brands. Mainly working within the technology sector, Tektos maintains a close relationship with the forefront of new innovations. In house it has all the components necessary that supports excellence in design, manufacturing, and commercialisation.