Tobia Repossi Non Contact Thermometer Body Temperature Monitor
Non Contact Thermometer Body Temperature Monitor is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Non Contact Thermometer Body Temperature Monitor

This Digital non-contact thermometer for Visiomed is part of a group of products that are intended to facilitate the work of doctors even in the remote parts of China. The client strongly wanted the first product on the market that is not designed as a 'gun' but more as a beauty care product. It has been thought for the Chinese market which has specific needs and tradition in terms of design for medical devices.

Non Contact Thermometer Body Temperature Monitor
Tobia Repossi Non Contact Thermometer
Tobia Repossi Body Temperature Monitor
Tobia Repossi design
Tobia Repossi design
Tobia Repossi

Tobia Repossi is a designer with twenty years of experience in product design for furniture, electronic appliances and accessories. He has worked formajor Chinese market-leading companiesas well as European and American brands and for dozen of startups from China and Silicon Valley. His designs have been sold in Apple Stores and in other famous shops and have been selected for international awards.


Visiomed Group is the world leader in advanced generation of electronic medical devices. The laboratory develops and distributes innovative health devices in the diverse and growing sector of self-diagnosis for medical purposes, and well-being. The company primarily offers self-diagnosis products for medical purposes. It provides thermometers, blood pressure monitors, digital pulse oxymeters, and other self-diagnosis products; progressive scales, inhalation chambers, and air purifiers; and baby nose cleaners, electronic baby nose cleaners and toothbrushes, soothing teethers, contactless soap dispensers, and oral irrigators, as well as baby care kits. The company also offers optic products, such as sunglasses; humidifiers, breathable mattresses, and heating pads; pregnancy and ovulation test devices; and antiparasitic products comprising special egg and anti-lice combs, and mosquito repellent bracelets. In addition, it provides bag support; pacifier sterilizers; silicone plates, folding bowls and lunch boxes, spoons, and bibs; vacuum storage kits; microwave steam cookers; and cups.