Carolina Palombo Píriz Tres Stool
Tres Stool is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Tres Stool

In a world where all the interpersonal relationships are being missed, TRES, is designed. A stool that promotes the forgotten. It stands up with three legs, with some proportions that determines a coloquial and relaxed use. The project was developed in Uruguay, by the Industrial Designer and Architect Carolina Palombo Píriz. TRES, combines three materials, wood, steel and wool. The wood is from poplar tree with a hardening and polished treatment, the steel is painted with dust paint and the seat is upholstered with merino wool felt.

Tres Stool
Carolina Palombo Píriz Tres
Carolina Palombo Píriz Stool
Carolina Palombo Píriz design
Carolina Palombo Píriz design
Carolina Palombo Píriz

Carolina is a very creative person. She has a high sense of empathy. She loves design ever since she was a kid, and is always creating new things, transforming every feeling and emotion into something tangible.

Carolina Palombo Píriz

This brand creates both architectural projects and product designs. It is a professional and technician small team that belives in the importance of giving design and functionality to everyday life. The company is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. A small city in a small country in South America. Located between two giants: Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay emerge as a natural country, with vast areas of green fields, small cities and warm people. This brand's passion is the small scale, like houses, interior spaces, furniture and daily used objects. They love to make life simple, elegant, natural and easy. But mostly, to encourage people to live in harmony. Looking for the best understanding, likes and needs of their clients, provoke them to move and evolve. Their work is commited, and empathy is what makes them different. They are involved in all the process that involves a piece of architecture or a product. They explore new ideas with new and traditional materials, they go back to the handcrafted work, to what is genuine, to what hides a story. Their constant search is towards all the details that makes the difference, towards an excelent result. They have concern for the environment and influence the architecture and industrial design accordingly. Clients are both uruguayan and foreign. They all look for the same premise: customized work, commitment, understanding and honesty. Finally, clients and the company build up a warm relationship.