Beini Yang Easyslice Easy to open
Easyslice Easy to open is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Easyslice Easy to open

Easyslice solves a small problem caused by traditional roll bags: plastic material makes both sides of the edges stick together. The design simply removes several cut dots of the bags so that the dots are not through to the end. When the bag was ripped off by one tear, the irregular edges appear due to the dot-free edge,making the bag easy to be twisted open. Also,the edges are marked with flower symbol so people won’t miss the conjunctions.

Easyslice Easy to open
Beini Yang Easyslice
Beini Yang Easy to open
Beini Yang design
Beini Yang design
Beini Yang

Previously a student majored in design, will be studying in America for the master program, looking for opportunities to grow and to help make people's life better.

South China University of Technology

School of Design (SD) is the youngest school in South China University of Technology. It was established on Jun. 2010, and united with the Industrial Design & Graphics Research Institute of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering School, the Art Design department of Art school and the New Building Materials & Decoration Design Institute of Materials Science and Engineering School. Now it consists of the department of Industrial Design & Graphics and the department of Art Design.