Levent Tümer - Durul Onaran Radisson BLU Leogrand Hotel
Radisson BLU Leogrand Hotel is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Radisson BLU Leogrand Hotel

The Leogrand Hotel was an iconic local brand in Chisinau Moldova, and the project is based on the renovation and restoration of this hotel, under its new branding of “Radisson BLU Leogrand Hotel”. The main design criteria was to integrate the new corporate identity while preserving the existing building characteristics and elements that are embedded in previously hosted user's memory. The designed areas in the property are 143 rooms and suites, 3 restaurants, a pub, wine shop, spa-fitness & beauty centre, 6 meeting rooms and a convention centre.

Radisson BLU Leogrand Hotel
Levent Tümer - Durul Onaran Radisson BLU Leogrand
Levent Tümer - Durul Onaran Hotel
Levent Tümer - Durul Onaran design
Levent Tümer - Durul Onaran design
Levent Tümer - Durul Onaran

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