Takahiro Yamamoto Mesh Shoes
Mesh Shoes is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Mesh Shoes

When I reserch about the beach, I found an interesting article. By improving the cushioning characteristic of shoes, our way to walk become bad way. So a lot of modern people’ s walking is easy to get injured. However When we walk on the beach without shoes, our way to walk become good way. So I decided to design shoes which has feeling of barefoot. I make an original mesh material to give breathability, flexibility and the feeling of barefoot.

Mesh Shoes
Takahiro Yamamoto Mesh
Takahiro Yamamoto Shoes
Takahiro Yamamoto design
Takahiro Yamamoto design
Takahiro Yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto is Japanese designer.Basically He doesn't use special material which is already have super high value. Because He really believe that there are a lot of beautiful and surprising face of material which we doesn't know still, If the material is very common. So He try to search new things in the daily staff.