Ela Pincu Harmony Vertical Flowerbed
Harmony Vertical Flowerbed is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Harmony Vertical Flowerbed

Harmony is a hydroponic growing system, designed to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, & herbs. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use, low cost product that will be accessible for a wide variety of users. It is designed and manufactured as a one piece product, this simplifies the assembly of the product and enables a DIY approach. Furthermore, a one piece product without connectors and joints, prevents leaking and dirt. Harmony saves up to 90% of the land and 80% of water. It makes possible growing and eating healthier foods even with an urban lifestyle with no available garden.

Harmony  Vertical  Flowerbed
Ela Pincu Harmony
Ela Pincu Vertical  Flowerbed
Ela Pincu design
Ela Pincu design
Ela Pincu

Ela Liberman Pincu, born and raised in Jerusalem, holds a Bachelor degree of Design and a Master degree of Industrial design for medical purposes (Graduated with honors). The beginning of her professional experience included work for different companies and after a few years, in 2008, Ela established her own studio- Liberela design & development. The studio is located in Sitria, a rural and peaceful village, overlooking olive trees and horse stables. During the years Ela has led numerous projects for leading firms in Israel, USA and England in a variety of fields; medical devices, Hi Tech products, consumer and packaging. Her studio offers a wide range of design services; detailed research, initial concept design, illustration, Plastic engineering and manufacturing. End-to-end design and development solutions.


Vertico was established by two Israeli entrepreneurs, combining their two skills: gardening and marketing. Vertico is developing, producing, and marketing Harmony, the vertical flowerbed. Harmony , is a hydroponic growing system, designed to grow a variety of :Fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices & herbs.