Gudjon Thor Erlendsson Ydyo University classroom building
Ydyo University classroom building is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Ydyo University classroom building

The design challenges the archetypical classroom building as a vertical extrusion with landscape spaces limited to the ground floor level. The steep site and adjacency to existing building offered opportunities for change. The context and function lead to a diagrammatic approach of a morphed and entwined concept that is used in organising and integrating the various functions, inside and outside. From this emerges a form that rises from a splayed configuration towards an elemental internal organisation at the top. Tectonic and formal solutions are derived from local context.

Ydyo University classroom building
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson Ydyo
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson University classroom building
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson design
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson design
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson

Gudjon (Gaui) is a Nordic architect with a cosmopolitan background in architecture and design. He has a continuing commitment to research into systemic approaches to architecture and urbanism, focusing on the application of systems dynamics in the formulation of building and urban design. Work consisted of both digital and analogue technique form generation and computational manufacturing processes. This had lead to current focus on Morphogenetic design, Emergence through optimisation and Computer Aided Manufacturing in architecture.

Izmir University of Economics

Izmir University of Economics was established as a foundation university in 2003 by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. It has 7500 students in a single campus in the Balcova district, with plans to expand to a new campus starting in 2016. The current president of the Board of Directors and a driving force behind the universities visionary focus is Mr. Ekrem DemirtaƟ