Ufuk Seçgel Janus Material Handler Excavator
Janus Material Handler Excavator is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Heavy Machinery Design Award Category.
Janus Material Handler Excavator

The aim of the project is to make an excavator that is more specialized for future workspaces. The material handling industry has a narrow workspace and material handler excavators are machines with many blind spots. So the Janus was designed with maneuverability and full visibility in mind. Interviews with the people inside the material handling industry done by the designer showed him that these people want this industry to be seen as different from other heavy machine industries. The form shows this by going out of the standart excavator design and being a more different vehicle.

Janus Material Handler Excavator
Ufuk Seçgel Janus
Ufuk Seçgel Material Handler Excavator
Ufuk Seçgel design
Ufuk Seçgel design
Ufuk Seçgel

Ufuk Seçgel is an industrial designer from Turkey studying in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. He is ambitious about improving functionality but he finds the most fun part of design is developing experiences. He believes all designs should have a "touch me" impact and a personal connection to users identity. He starts the design process by organizing the concepts and he relies on emotion to do this as he believes emotion is a very helpful tool in organizing thoughts.

Ufuk Seçgel

Ufuk Seçgel is a designer from Turkey, seeking his own path in the design world and striving to provide better designs. To the designer such designs have a strong foundation based on research. So he starts every project by researching everything he can know about the subject. This absorption of knowledge is what drives the collective design process for the designer.