Rebecca Dublino BORELLO Supermercati Supermarket design.
BORELLO Supermercati Supermarket design. is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
BORELLO Supermercati Supermarket design.

The proximity shop in Europe is going to experience a new springtime: large formats are losing market share, and boutique stores are not so affordable. “Supermercati Borello” was conceived, designed and developed entirely by Cean, the Italian firm with 35 years of experience focused on food retail. Within this project, they created the new format managing every single variable of the design and implementation process, with an almost unique 360-deegrees approach.
The project itself put human interaction and needs in the core of the design process.

BORELLO Supermercati Supermarket design.
Rebecca Dublino BORELLO Supermercati
Rebecca Dublino Supermarket design.
Rebecca Dublino design
Rebecca Dublino design
Rebecca Dublino

In thirty-five years of business experience, CEAN has opened 15,000 stores between shops and supermarkets. Every customers allowed the company to grow by stimulating CEAN, and pushed it to improve and to innovate the industry, by looking forward. CEAN currently offers to its customers a wide range of services: from turnkey solutions comprising the opening of the store, supply of plant and equipment, restructuring, obtaining permits, bureaucratic authorizations and the development of new business formats. Research, flexibility, simplicity, interaction, concreteness, multidisciplinarity, specialisation, and customer satisfaction: those are just some of the values that inspire CEAN's team.

Borello Supermercati

With more than 40 years of experience, Borello Supermercati is a medium-sized chain of supermarkets, operating in the Turin area (Italy). The brand itself was designed by CEAN among with the new format for proximity store: the project covered from Design to Branding and event implementation support.