İlker Nail Şaylan Wildgree Packaging
Wildgree Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Wildgree Packaging

Wildgree is affordable and recyclable package. Therefore the material of the package is used corrugated cardboard which would just have been thrown away and is very easily accessible. The design of the package defines a negative space which can be filled and completed by the product that is protected by itself. In this sense, there is organic yet simple relation between product and its package. The key of the package design is a simple connection between layers and bolt nut. The bolt nut holds the layers in place, creating a different and easy opening to the package.

Wildgree Packaging
İlker Nail Şaylan Wildgree
İlker Nail Şaylan Packaging
İlker Nail Şaylan design
İlker Nail Şaylan design
İlker Nail Şaylan

He is the founder of Deepmountain Board Riders Company. He was born in 1987 in Bodrum / Turkey. He graduated from painting department, faculty of fine arts, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University in 2014 and he is continuing his education now in master of yacht design, Izmir University of Economics. He is trying to find different and simple perspectives for his designs because he believes that the best designs can only be discovered on minimal and simple ways.

Deepmountain Boardriders Company

Deepmountain was founded as a boardriders company in 2015 by two surfer brothers, but history of Deepmountain is older than founded. Their workshop is in their grand uncles dockyard which wooden sailboats have been built in Bodrum since 1972 and they grew up with sawdust of wooden boats and saltwater. The idea of the brand ensued in 2014 when founder, Ilker, was trying to build his own wooden surfboard in his workshop. His first wooden surfboard looked like okay but it couldn't work as he expected. However working in the workshop with natural materials planted the seed of Deepmountain as a sustainable lifestyle concept for all people. The first product is a wooden wallet and the prototypes of wallets were created, while building up the idea of eco-friendly wood products for all. They are working hard to improve the company in order to create new designs and products in the workshop now. Hopefully their workshop is going to be one of the major brands so that they can provide you much more interesting hand-made designs.