Kyung il Chung Sling Portable speaker
Sling Portable speaker is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Sling Portable speaker

Sling is a portable speaker but not of a conventional kind. It is a sustainable speaker that moves the focus away from the material implementation to energy saving, turning the speaker off by pulling the cable, to reduce the energy waste in the idle time of the device rather than making the mechanism automatic. As a result, the user is aware of the change that is being made. The mechanism and simplicity of the design combined, Sling truly is a kind that provides a unique experience to the users.

Sling Portable speaker
Kyung il Chung Sling
Kyung il Chung Portable speaker
Kyung il Chung design
Kyung il Chung design
Kyung il Chung

Chung is a multidisciplinary designer who blends mechanical engineering and product design. His design is a perfect example of simplicity where the design leaves the space for the user experience to fill in.

Kyungil "Jack" Chung

Freelance industrial designer from South Korea. Starting his career as a design engineer, he expanded his boundary to industrial design. As well as multidisciplinary experience, he also has a multicultural experience having a professional experience in South Korea, the UK and Ireland.