Teli Proto Tic Tac Toe packaging Packaging
Tic Tac Toe packaging Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Tic Tac Toe packaging Packaging

All clothing items come in a sophisticated, multi-dimensional pack. There is no front or back, both sides are treated equally. The front has an endearing deer and fawn die-cut window that shows off Tic Tac Toe's clothing prints. The back has a die-cut heart that is three dimensional and framed in a second heart. Open the pack and an unexpected discovery unfolds. The reversible shoes also come in a “double-sided” pack. The large window allows visibility all around. The combination, shoes and clothes produce a gift set.

Tic Tac Toe packaging Packaging
Teli Proto Tic Tac Toe packaging
Teli Proto Packaging
Teli Proto design
Teli Proto design
Teli Proto

Teli Proto has over 30 years experience in branding and design. A multi award-winning industrial designer, team leader, studio manager, design director, and entrepreneur. Highly experienced in a variety of fields from simple consumer goods to high-tech industrial products. His aim is to leave a lasting memory to the experience that people get when interacting with his designs. Karin Muller is a qualified artist. She is inspired by the colourful people and artistic energy present in Cape Town. She channels this creative energy into simple and effective designs that can be appreciated locally and globally.

Northhook Design Studio

Northhook Design Studio is dedicated to unrestrained creative innovation. Founded by Teli Proto, a multiple international award-winning industrial designer and branding specialist, with over 30 years experience, and Karin Muller, artist and designer. Northhook Design Studio was formed after it received numerous compliments on the design solutions of the members provided to Tic Tac Toe, a brand dedicated to designing and creating exquisite gifts, primarily clothes and unique reversible shoes for babies presented in beautiful packaging. The overall experience of these swoon-worthy products presented with the packaging is intended to be an extension of the celebration of the beauty of birth and life. The fabric designs, clothing and shoe designs, brand identity, website design, merchandising and show stands, and packaging were all part of Northhook Design Studio’s project for Tic Tac Toe. The combined and complimentary talents and skills of the founders of Northhook Design Studio are primarily focused on simple yet innovative solutions. The designs alway offer an element of wonder and surprise in the initial experience but impart an enduring satisfaction in the honesty and value after the presentation of the fact. The driving force of Northhook Design Studio is the recognition and understanding of the end user: the innate awareness that there is more to everything than purely a product or service. Northhook Design Studio’s ethos are as follows: - Respect; respect for the user, the environment and all employees or service providers. - Value; value for money, economy of effort, minimum resource wastage and consumption. - Pride; pride of association to the product utility and the brand’s attributes. - Service; quality of service and quality of product offered. - Time; recognition of the past, making the most of the present and looking forward to the future. - Sustainability; sustainability of all inputs with minimal impact on the environment. - Local; they strive to utilise local talent, materials and labour wherever possible. Northhook Design Studio employs both two-dimensional and three-dimensional software (Adobe and Rhinoceros) and appropriate hardware to ensure maximum compatibility and error free translation of their innovations and designs into production reality.