Petr Novague AQ Passion line High-End Speakers
AQ Passion line High-End Speakers is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Music, Audio and Sound Design Award Category.
AQ Passion line High-End Speakers

The speakers AQ Passion line are the product of the high-end speaker set and it is a result of own research. The unique property of this speakers is a system of active chambers called Ball Chamber Dumping System, which was developed by AQ company. The important aspects of this system are the wood fibre chambers which are filled with steel elements so they are resonance proof. This system creates, altogether with use of electromagnetic converters and RLC components, a sound for the most demanding listeners.

AQ Passion line High-End Speakers
Petr Novague AQ Passion line
Petr Novague High-End Speakers
Petr Novague design
Petr Novague design
Petr Novague

THE DESIGN PROCESS IS ALWAYS THE SAME The client comes with input that forms the definition of his needs and requests. We can also generalise that it is a fact that the aim is also sell more products and make more money. Clients request several of assignments in one. He usually wants to replace the current product with a newer, more progressive, better functioning product with a more modern look. Or he wants to come up with a brand new product (eg, his firm has specialized in other segments and wants to expand their scope). Or the client has the technology and wants to give the designer space and time to design anything for the use of these technologies. On every product thus, the manufacturer can present all the possibilities and thus gain a competitive advantage through the design. Design is dependent on the designer, his talent, but also largely on the client in having the courage to choose the correct design to give the designer the space for creative thought to flourish. This always begins with a thorough market analysis, the selection of the aspects of the future design and their quality. There follows on from there the finding of the nature of the product, its essence, and to which principles it will be built. Then comes the sketching, the research, emotional stress... After this comes a period of 3D modeling, transforming the expression to an actual shape. Then comes the definition of materials, colours and the definition of the manufacturing process. He then forms a prototype and begins testing. And then process ends with the setting of serial production and errors incurred for testing and prototyping. 

AQ, s.r.o.

AQ Company, Ltd. It was founded in 1995. The main activity in this period was the development and manufacturing of loudspeakers sold under its own brand AQ - Acoustique Quality. Assortment grew over the years and today you can buy around thirty different models produced in three to seven colors. AQ speakers are actually manufactured in the Czech Republic, to their construction we use carefully selected materials and components, to achieve the most favorable quality / price ratio.