Akif Ekin ekin Smart Patrol Smart Patrol
ekin Smart Patrol Smart Patrol is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
ekin Smart Patrol Smart Patrol

ekin Smart Patrol is the first truly mobile smart patrol in the world with 360 degree surveillance. Designed specifically for police vehicles, ekin Smart Patrol combines a number of enforcment and surveillance operations. It can be applied to moving or parked vehicles, people and objects. ekin Smart Patrol provides speed detection with automatic license plate recognition, face recognition and has a flexible system that can add multiple features.

ekin Smart Patrol Smart Patrol
Akif Ekin ekin Smart Patrol
Akif Ekin Smart Patrol
Akif Ekin design
Akif Ekin design
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ekin Technology has established in 1998 with its perpetual growth with the launch of ekin Design and Production. With offices and centers in Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Baku, Dubai, Stuttgart, Istanbul, New York and Ottawa, ekin Technology has implemented a wide range of successful projects, both domestic and international, while taking special care to be the local solution partner of the regions it provides services to. ekin Technology places a high level of emphasis on the security and satisfaction of its clients, providing a secure and comfortable lifestyle with its technological solutions in the intelligent traffic, fully integrated city and home security fields. With advanced work on traffic control, crime and terror, and extraordinary situations in strategic locations, ekin Technology produces innovative and development friendly solutions to protect individuals from all foreseeable risks.