Joon Gi Shin Splash Alarm Clock
Splash Alarm Clock is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Splash Alarm Clock

'Splash' is a set of an alarm clock and a sensor that prevents users from falling back to sleep and provides smooth waking up experiences. After people wake up, they go through morning routines to prepare their day. Unfortunately, the function of most alarm clocks ends as soon as their users wake up, and it doesn't concern what people do next. To be responsible for further morning experience, 'Splash' makes users take a shower or wash their face to turn off the alarm, so they can directly go through their morning routine with a fresh mind.

Splash Alarm Clock
Joon Gi Shin Splash
Joon Gi Shin Alarm Clock
Joon Gi Shin design
Joon Gi Shin design
Joon Gi Shin

Joon Gi Shin is an industrial designer and researcher who focuses on human centered designs and interaction designs. His interest in how people interact with their surroundings and observation on their behaviors has made it possible for him to provide unique experiences for users. Furthermore, he performs rigor research and documentation to achieve intended goal for each project and create proper solutions by seeing the key relationships between information.

Joon Gi Shin

Joon Gi Shin is a UX designer/researcher focus on providing meaningful experience when people interact with each other and products. Through rigor observation, research, and analysis, he achieves deep understanding of the main subject and finds the best solutions.