Young Jo In Sph Smart Prosthetic Hand
Sph Smart Prosthetic Hand is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Implant Design Award Category.
Sph Smart Prosthetic Hand

This design resolves the physical problem which occurs when one uses smart phone with an artificial hand. The smart device is attached to the prosthetic hand to eliminate the risk of dropping the device. The product allows the users to operate the device with the other free hand, thereby compensating the defect of recognition error when touching the screen with an artificial finger, and the difficulty of detailed operation of existing prosthetic hand. The screen of the display attached to the prosthetic hand rotates digitally, and the user can view an upright screen from any directions.

Sph Smart Prosthetic Hand
Young Jo In Sph
Young Jo In Smart Prosthetic Hand
Young Jo In design
Young Jo In design