NedaGhadir Colorfall Necklace
Colorfall Necklace is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Colorfall Necklace

Inspired by women’s shawl, elegant forms and colors of peacock, Colorfall tries to make the impression of beauty, dignity and pride as well as fluidity and free style of shawl. Emphasized by the shape of peacock feather in the front with the stunning heart shaped gemstone functioning as the core of the design, the design is then completed by precise deformation of curves and swirls matching a selection of colored gemstones cascading at the backside which made this piece uniquely playful and amazing.

Colorfall Necklace
NedaGhadir Colorfall
NedaGhadir Necklace
NedaGhadir design
NedaGhadir design

Persian designer and artist Neda Ghadir is gifted the ability to create personal, distinct and timeless jewelries. Drawing inspiration from everything around her, including art, nature, fashion and her rich cultural background alike, Neda designs each piece meticulously and particularly envisioned.

Neda Ghadir Ltd

Neda Ghadir Ltd is a commission based company founded in 2009 by Persian designer and artist Neda Ghadir. It provides a range of distinct, and timeless bespoke luxury products including Objet D’Arts, Fine and high jewelries as well as designing for acclaimed jewelry brands overseas.