Emrah Önemli Pearl 63 Mega Yacht
Pearl 63 Mega Yacht is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Pearl 63 Mega Yacht

Pearl 63 Features; Full length side windows of master cabin with vertical lift, provides spacious feeling and magnificent scenic views, also enables to have a balcony by lifting the windows up and sliding the ground platform out. This ground platform includes a gangway direct to the sea. Extended profile of side windows provides front view to the master cabin and which makes it unique to its class.The Pearl 63 also provides Pool with extended sun bath area, Foldable helipad with solar panels, hidden anchor pockets and a beach club with a transformable platform.

Pearl 63 Mega Yacht
Emrah Önemli Pearl 63
Emrah Önemli Mega Yacht
Emrah Önemli design
Emrah Önemli design
Emrah Onemli Yacht Design

Emrah ONEMLI is an Exterior Designer with professional roots as designer at TORINO DESIGN and HEXAGON. Clients include Dragos Yachts, TSMM Composite Works, Peer Giant, Aesun Power Boats and Naval Bering Yachts. After living in Italy, Istanbul and Cyprus Emrah settled in the creative environment of Antalya where Emrah focused his acclaimed style on creating iconic yachts for Antalya Free Zone yacht builders. Combining his automotive design skills with yacht design, he has created his own yacht design style. Emrah not only designs but creates 3d and visuals him self.