Chien-Sheng Tung Urban Oasis Reception Centre
Urban Oasis Reception Centre is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Urban Oasis Reception Centre

Surrounded by the sunshine, tropical atmosphere, there is a port city in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung. Instead of the well-known history of ports and harbours, and industrial development, it is also an important production center of the yacht. This residence located near the Glory Pier, storing the memories of owner’s growth. Hoped to make it a connection sustaining of the family members scattered around the world, the elderly mother bought the place in later years. The designers used the local yacht industry as a design concept.

Urban Oasis Reception Centre
Chien-Sheng Tung Urban Oasis
Chien-Sheng Tung Reception Centre
Chien-Sheng Tung design
Chien-Sheng Tung design
Rui Feng Construction Co., Ltd.

Rui Feng Construction was founded in 2006 , the international architectural aesthetics as a starting point. Professional architectural design team from Taiwan, States, Japan. In an international perspective and original design combined with the construction standards process stage , creating timeless architectural landmarks.