Tiago Curioni Angel Bench
Angel Bench is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Angel Bench

The Angel Bench embodies the opulent dichotomy of a handcrafted, sculptured outline and the modern luster of durable, kiln fired acrylic. While the surface appears light, the production process amalgamates a three-layer overlay and a sturdy metal frame. Inspired by the expansive background of a Brazilian countryside, the bench showcases an Angel’s wingspan in full flight. Each unique bench is poised to be a centerpiece within the confines of a residence, gallery or garden.

Angel  Bench
Tiago Curioni Angel
Tiago Curioni Bench
Tiago Curioni design
Tiago Curioni design
Tiago Curioni

Tiago Curioni is a young architect and designer who maintains a studio based in São Paulo since 2010. His work as a designer is basically made ​up of furniture that is developed for their architectural designs and later enters in his studio production line. An owner of a clean and simple feature , he usually works with various materials, always looking for innovative elements that can challenge your drawing.

Tiago Curioni

Tiago Curioni is an architect and urban planner, graduated from Mackenzie University, certified in eco-friendly architecture and sustainability. In 2014 postgraduated in Strategic Design at the Institute Europeo di Design, with experience in areas such as branding, research methodologies and project. As a designer he creates and implements pieces of furniture and lighting that is used in his interior design projects.  In his studio, based in São Paulo, he uses various types of different materials, such as copper, steel and wood, revealing a dynamic and restless character of his production. Also appropriates the concept of up-cycling as transforming technical materials, collecting various elements disposed in the trash and transforming them into new forms, creating a new cycle of life. In 2015 participated of the MADE show; a major design exhibition in São Paulo. Confirmed participation in important design and art events in 2016 and will reveal new and unique pieces that are still unknown to the public. Currently, his artworks are found in important design galleries in São Paulo and can also be purchased directly in his studio.