Matteo Mescalchin Amg Photography, Lighting
Amg Photography, Lighting is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Amg Photography, Lighting

The project was designed to create engaging photographs of selected AMG Mercedes Benz models within time restrictions and confined non-studio-like location with the goal of emphasizing car design, aesthetics and functional features using lighting and framing as creative photography tools. Being time effective while saving impeccable image look and quality was a first level priority for the photographer and his team. Refined lighting skills combined with high end professional tools have been essential assets for the final outcome delivering some 30 eye catching images in only 2 shooting days.

Amg Photography, Lighting
Matteo Mescalchin Amg
Matteo Mescalchin Photography, Lighting
Matteo Mescalchin design
Matteo Mescalchin design
Matteo Mescalchin

Head Photographer at Matteo works passionately with light across photography and videography continuously developing his style and experimenting on new techniques. Driven by endless curiosity and focused on high end image quality, he works mainly on commercial photography specializing in soft light control and soft light shaping tools. Matteo considers exposing himself to the Nature's beauty as being his best source of inspiration.

Digitalmovie is a studio facility based in Padova, Italy. Since 1997 Digitalmovie works at the forefront of the digital media industry both with video and still photography pushing forward on image technology, style and effectiveness. Matteo Mescalchin is head photographer at Digitalmovie studio working on several motion and still picture projects mainly taking care of lighting, image look and style.