Emma Campbell Portfolio Design Editorial
Portfolio Design Editorial is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Portfolio Design Editorial

This portfolio was project was designed in response to the digital world, as there is now a growing need to create something that is tangible and can withstand time. It was created with the intention to send to design studios and had to stand out from the crowd. It includes a cover that was not only designed to protect the book, but also to showcase additional work and house a business card. The publication was crafted using quality paper, hand stitched via the saddle stitch method and has interactive elements to make it a memorable piece.

Portfolio Design  Editorial
Emma Campbell Portfolio Design
Emma Campbell Editorial
Emma Campbell design
Emma Campbell design
Emma Campbell

Emma is a graphic designer and illustrator from New Zealand who is nearing the end of working in Portland, Oregon, USA for one year. Although continuing down the route of graphic design and illustration, Emma has also been applying those skills to the world of app development. While in America she has been creating 3D content for an app. Emma's major achievement was being chosen as one of four students worldwide (through Adobe and Behance) to complete a remote internship with Girl Skateboards. Her design was produced and sold in skateboard stores all over the world.

Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell is an independent graphic designer and illustrator who is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Design. She has worked on a number of personal projects with her biggest achievement to date having worked with Girl Skateboards. Emma is currently working as a design associate and gaining skills in the 3D digital realm.