KOMAD Vrecha Bag
Vrecha Bag is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Vrecha Bag

Vrecha is innovative bag project which connects traditional material with modern design. The concept is based on transforming unappealing vegetable mashes into fashionable carriers. Corpus of this minimal design is a polyester mash cut in squares and framed with high indurance polypropilen staps. Mash comes in various colours depending on its primary purpose; red is for potatoes, orange for apples, green for cabbage and the frame remains in neutral black. Simple design makes this bag appealing to high range of audience, from practical consumers to demanding design worshipers.

Vrecha Bag
KOMAD Vrecha
KOMAD design
KOMAD design

BAGGIZ stands for one of a kind, urban handbag design. We like to make bags for people who dare to step outside limited mainstream fashion and prefer individual and unique products.
We love innovative designs mixed with high quality materials. From us you can expect wide range of bags - clutches for elegant divas, messengers for active urban girls, backpacks for hip design addicts or Monster Bags - shopping bags with character! We started designing and producing our handbags in 2006, in Cakovec, CROATIA / EU. In the beginning, our designer Ana was trying to design perfect bag for herself. Eventually one bag turned into a dozen, and dozen turned into our own design and production company. Since then we work hard on innovative and creative bag designs that are modern but also practical, unique but also adaptive to your daily needs. We spend a lot of time testing durability of new designs before they are turned into new collections, so we can be really sure they are close enough to perfect! For us it is important to know the origin of all materials used in our collections, that is why they are 100% fair-trade and locally made. Also, all bags are hand made with care in our own little factory. Since 2006. we collaborate with stores with unique concept ideas and stories behind their products. We like associates that are creative and not afraid to think outside the box.