Emanuele Pangrazi So Fifties Bathroom collection
So Fifties Bathroom collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
So Fifties Bathroom collection

This collection is the first of a series of new designs in retro style. It is inspired to the design principles used in fifties years, when the Streamline style has made of every product an example of aerodynamics in line with the myth of the velocity. The shapes are indeed dynamics but massive to confer them a monolithic aspect. The collection is composed by different washbasins with a set of metal stands in many size and materials, through which you can get many configurations. The collection includes matching sanitaries, for a complete vintage bathroom suite taste.

So Fifties Bathroom collection
Emanuele Pangrazi So Fifties
Emanuele Pangrazi Bathroom collection
Emanuele Pangrazi design
Emanuele Pangrazi design
Bleu Provence

Bleu Provence is a well known retro style sanitary ware specialist and their products have become, over the years, the symbol of classicism that appeals to many and is never out of style. Their collections have survived the ages and established as a reference among their customers. Quality of materials, fine style, precision in manufacturing are all elements ensuring a perfect finish and a maximum usage satisfaction. Mixture of classic and modern, their products revive in everyone memory the beautiful old houses of the past!