Renato Goncalves FS 275 Wide Bowrider Motorboat
FS 275 Wide Bowrider Motorboat is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
FS 275 Wide Bowrider Motorboat

FS 275 Wide was designed by demand for a selective group of FS Yachts customers who longed for a spacious boat, with a large cockpit, while containing a bathroom and a bedroom, something no other boat in Brazil currently offers. As most boats are used during daytime, cockpit space is very important. However, most boaters seek a bathroom for their family, and a comfortable bedroom for their kids, so they can extend their time aboard, and even sleep in the boat if they wish.

FS 275 Wide Bowrider Motorboat
Renato Goncalves FS 275 Wide
Renato Goncalves Bowrider Motorboat
Renato Goncalves design
Renato Goncalves design
FS Yachts

One of the largest boatbuilders in Brazil, manufacturing fiberglass motorboats since 1998, FS Yachts is specialized in 18 to 32 ft boats for leisure and sports and had manufactured over 3.000 boats ever since. FS Yachts motorboats are known in Brazil by its high quality manufacturing and design.