Almost First Table
First Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
First Table

The First Table is a visual conundrum. Bold and exciting but still functional and sure-footed it is a statement piece with a distinct identity. It is made out of CNC cut plywood segmets. The seemingly complex construction is in fact very easy and logical to assemble. The First Table is an example of our design principles and goals. Good design for us is thoughtful, affordable, exciting and long-lasting. We believe in achieving interesting and exciting results, using simple design solutions. The First Table has a complex and intriguing silhouette, but its structure is actually very simple.

First Table
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Almost design

Almost is a furniture brand that focuses on combining exciting, contemporary design with logical and responsible solutions and high production quality in the tradition of European craftsmanship. Our architectural background contributes a lot to the aspect of functionality and technical development of our designs. On the other hand our work process is always experimental. We are always looking for new ideas and solutions.


Almost is a furniture brand focused on delivering contemporary design products and furniture. It launches with a collection of designs developed by the brand. The brand operates in the area of design furniture and accessories. Our main goal is to present thoughtful, affordable and exciting contemporary design. Our plans include a diverse collection of furniture and household items. Our product line includes chairs, dining and side tables, shelves, movable and wall mounted. Almost was launched it Bulgaria in 2016.