Fabrizio Constanza El Soporte del Cubo Sculpture
El Soporte del Cubo Sculpture is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
El Soporte del Cubo Sculpture

This piece is a conceptual work developed to participate at Public Art Exhibitions. Art is important to be accessible to anybody; this is the nobleness of this artistic work. The Piece explores the relationship between human emotions and human progress. The piece intends to inspire people to approach the present global challenges with flexible solutions. The work encourage viewers to reflect on: Admiring a cube rather than being trapped within in it; how emotions support human creations; why, if human emotions are so fluid and dynamic, is humanity's progress so rigid?

El Soporte del Cubo Sculpture
Fabrizio Constanza El Soporte del Cubo
Fabrizio Constanza Sculpture
Fabrizio Constanza design
Fabrizio Constanza design
Fabrizio Constanza

Fabrizio Constanza is an observer of life. His inspiration comes from emotions generated by anything. By watching life passing by, from reflections of the world, past nostalgia and future cues, Fabrizio captures and materialize the emotions into objects. A clear example is 0710 Oxbow, based on the Baltimore derby winner. Objects become transmitters of emotions. A table that elegantly represents the human body named Organica, or a coat stand with slick curves for the corporate world, simply known as Lande, are exquisite samples. Balanced compositions define his work, objects that will overcome the past time. Fabrizio harmoniously combines classic and contemporary materials with ergonomic details to create pieces that will be enjoyed by generations to come. “I design for today, but thinking on how future generations will enjoy a beautiful piece of functional art with the history of its first user”.

Fabrizio Constanza Design

The company is a design studio dedicated to the design and production of Art+Design objects. The company produces in-house products as well as commissioned works. Our products are based on the approach of re-thinking and re-questioning standards of manufacturing and design, towards conservation of the environment. The company was founded in 2012 as a response to market, environmental and principals motives. The company's’ clients are people searching for unique collectable items for their homes, that in time they can share with future generations. The focus of the work produce is the exploration and investigation to create a new approach to business that can have a positive effect on People and the environment. Products are design for a long life instead of today’s approach of disposable products. By creating long lasting objects the human footprint is reduce the waist of materials and energy.