Kostiantyn Rybak Arxi by Kofta Fashion accessories
Arxi by Kofta Fashion accessories is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Arxi by Kofta Fashion accessories

"Arxi" collection for Spring Summer 2016 features backpacks and other accessories in the shape of Baroque architectural details, the curves and shapes of which look surprisingly harmonious against the human body. As for designer, the curves, botanical decorations and spirals are seen in Baroque architecture represent a “dramatic” opposite of the straight lines and regular forms that a building otherwise has. By transforming these architectural elements into wearable objects, Kofta attaches the “artificial nature” seen in Baroque art onto the human body.

Arxi by Kofta Fashion accessories
Kostiantyn Rybak Arxi by Kofta
Kostiantyn Rybak Fashion accessories
Kostiantyn Rybak design
Kostiantyn Rybak design
Kostiantyn Rybak

I'm a perfectionist by nature, thus, if the result doesn't seem satisfactory, I'll be changed it as much as needed so it makes me pleased. It started with the objectification of my worldview into things for myself. The first product created by me was a little clutch, sewed of leather, which I selected accurately. Then it didn't look like the image I had, that's why I deformed it with the help of water, temperature and mechanical impact until it was just the object I was carrying in my mind. I felt that I need to express myself so I found the interest in design and art. I started to make research of artist who work in leather craftsmanship. I done the very useful internship with Nutsa Modebadze, she taught me general basic and the most important technologies of leather crafting. The next step of mine design career was Saint Martins college of Art. I have done course of a Creative process by Odry Ange (she worked with Yohji Yamamoto).


Konstantin Kofta created his own label, Kofta which combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry. His garments are sensual, effortlessly elegant, practical and wearable. Kofta uses the rough skin, irregular shapes and unique scents to create a totally new vision of the attire as a whole. Designer Konstantin Kofta combines rural and urban perceptions and embraces the unintentional and unexpected, which provide inspiration for current and future collections. Each collection appears as a form of an art installation. Konstantin Kofta believes that the perfect is hidden in the sacramental places away from an ordinary vision littered by common standards. Designer strives to fuse unusual components to achieve distinctions that add to person's lifestyle rather than just to the wardrobe.