Murat Gedik Oxy2050 Poluted air purification
Oxy2050 Poluted air purification is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Oxy2050 Poluted air purification

OXY2050 was designed as an urban air cleaner to purify huge amount of polluted air. Air quality is monitored in stations 24/7.When pollution rate is risky,OXY2050 is sent to the polluted area to purify the air.It floats over the area with the help of hellium filled outer shell.It absorbs the polluted air through absorbing turbines.The absorbed air mass is treated with chemical solutions such as potassium hydroxide, activated carbon.After treatment,the purified air is transfered to clean air storages.The purified air is released through sprayers until the air quality becomes moderate.

Oxy2050 Poluted air purification
Murat Gedik Oxy2050
Murat Gedik Poluted air purification
Murat Gedik design
Murat Gedik design
Murat Gedik

Murat Gedik's architectural career began with him graduating in Architectural Drafting, following which he worked for several reputable architectural firms over 30 years. During his career, he took part in the design process in many architectural offices, which enabled him to develop his design power. Now he works as an architectural designer to bring these experiences to life in his designs. As an award-winning designer, Murat Gedik designs futuristic, environmentally-friendly architectural concepts, automobiles and furnitures. The designer has developed concept projects for many plots in Turkey and abroad, as well as participated in various architecture and automobile design competitions and received awards.

Murat Gedik

Born in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey, Murat Gedik studied Construction Painting. Since graduation, he has worked for several reputable architecture firms. He designs architectural futuristic concepts, high-rise buildings, future warships and automobiles as a freelance designer. One of his automobile designs was awarded 2nd place in category 'Ergonomy' in last year's car design contest held by Automotive Exporters Association, in Turkey. His architectural concept design project named ‘Xcept’ was published in a notable Turkish architecture magazine called ‘Tasarım’ in May 2008, 181th edition. He continues his designs in different fields both domestic and international.