Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang Waterfront Lilac Club
Waterfront Lilac Club is Platinum Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Waterfront Lilac Club

“Composed heart & profound thoughts with far-reaching ambitions”. We could truly feel the space with traditional oriental culture and zeitgeist, not only from the concept or the performance which apply traditional essence of eastern culture but also develop and promotes eastern living philosophy and modern design spirit with natural harmony between people and living spaces which are inheritance and even more sublimation.

Waterfront Lilac  Club
Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang Waterfront Lilac
Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang Club
Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang design
Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang design
Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang

It is carried out in line with respecting nature and the environment, mainly in a way of ‘retreating’. To reduce human intervention, whilst accentuating nature, keeping a mentality of humbleness to the environment. They have eliminated the pride of the people, allowing the environment to embrace the people. They open up the space above, allowing sunlight to fall in. It revives the lifelessness inside, adding dynamic elements and creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and allowing light to come in.

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Expressing faith and cherishing the soul through space with undying spirituality as part of its ultimate spiritual journey, YI+MU DESIGN is a design company that pushes for cultural extension and artistic communication while fully respecting spiritual creativity as well as the balanced relationship between man and space. With building and landscape designs, themed restaurants, elite clubs, boutique hotels, tailored property mock-ups and spatial installation displays, the number and variety of projects this company engages itself in is certainly a wonder to behold.