Ineta Plytnykienė Raw'iu Frozen Foods
Raw'iu Frozen Foods is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Raw'iu Frozen Foods

Rawiu is a bachelor project of branding, created at Vilnius Academy of Arts by a graphic designer Ineta Plytnykiene. The project is cherishing traditions of healthy, vegetative nutrition. The created concept suggests using wild plants in everyday cookery all year. Violets, nettles, dandelions, aegopodiums are frozen and can be used in different dishes, also to enrich nutrition by exceptional vitamins. Wild plants are very seasonal food and this project suggests giving a possibility to use plants despite the season.

Raw'iu Frozen Foods
Ineta Plytnykienė Raw'iu
Ineta Plytnykienė Frozen Foods
Ineta Plytnykienė design
Ineta Plytnykienė design
Ineta Plytnykienė

I am Lithuanian graphic designer most interested in packaging design. Ended my bachelor studies 2015 in Vilnius Academy of Arts and now actively working with packaging. Design is my daily routine joy.