Beate Schellhas Twist and Turn Ring
Twist and Turn Ring is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Twist and Turn Ring

Beate Schellhas has designed a special ring – the twist and turn ring setting gemstones free. The design of a ring is usually static - here it's flexible and suspenseful. This results in special adaptations to the finger and the wearer. The idea of twist and turn is to create a new look by varying the position of the precious gemstones while wearing. This is possible by movable combination of a thick ring shank and a thin circlet. Her design will grant each customer’s individual wishes by their choice of gemstones. Each ring is handmade and a creation combining aesthetic and technical skill.

Twist and Turn Ring
Beate Schellhas Twist and Turn
Beate Schellhas Ring
Beate Schellhas design
Beate Schellhas design
Beate Schellhas

Beate Schellhas is a passionate goldsmith working independently since 1990. She creates her own jewellery as well as she fulfills the wishes of her customers. Her jewellery design often is a combination of the wishes and the personality of her customers and her knowhow and creativity as a goldsmith and designer. She is passionately collecting fine and precious gemstones and other rare and valuable natural products with great inspiring potential. Her special design skill of combining gemstones with the ideal colour, cut and brilliance each stone together with the corresponding precious metal achieves the perfect design of jewellery. To optimize her work she combines the traditional hand craft of a goldsmith with modern production technologies.

Beate Schellhas

Beate Schellhas is goldsmith and designer of twist and turn rings. She works in her own studio making her designs and also designs client wishes. She offers all services in jewellery making in all kinds of precious material. Her favorite designs uses the color and brilliance of fine gem stones in combination with precious metals.