Otto Kessler GmbH&Co. KG Double Face Glove
Double Face Glove is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Double Face Glove

The fingers of these Otto Kessler gloves have a timeless, classic appeal. The hem line has a very special look: the leather has got two faces: the top is black and the under part is beige. The material is cut in delicate stripes, which are twisted to the hem, to show the beige side. The twist in the stripes gives it a feel of a minimalistic braiding. The beige tone used at the hem is also used for the topstich between the fingers, to establish a connection between the fingertips and hem. There is more fashion between the fingertips and cuff of a glove than people commonly imagine.

Double Face  Glove
Otto Kessler GmbH&Co. KG Double Face
Otto Kessler GmbH&Co. KG Glove
Otto Kessler GmbH&Co. KG design
Otto Kessler GmbH&Co. KG design
Otto Kessler GmbH&Co. KG

The glove, the garment of this unique body part, has the function of protecting the hand against cold and damp, with minimum limitation to its flexibility, therefore the glove should ideally fit like a second skin. At the same time, the glove has to be flexible in order to adjust to the movements and the changing shapes. A well cut glove can be identified by the fact that it does not squeeze the balled fist of the wearer where the circumference of the hand is maximized, and that it fits closely when the hand is outstretched where the circumference is minimized.

Otto Kessler

Otto Kessler‘s beginnings go back to 1923, when glover Otto Kessler set up shop for himself. In 2002, founder Otto Kessler‘s great-grandson, Wilm Hofmann, entered the company, whose fortunes he has been steering since 2009 as CEO. His sister Anne-Christin Schmitt has been in charge of artistic direction since 1996. The siblings are proud to be the fourth generation producing quality leather gloves under the ‘Otto Kessler‘ name.