Gary Man Delta Games New Generation Action Figure
Delta Games New Generation Action Figure is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Delta Games New Generation Action Figure

Delta Games is the next generation action figure game combining action figure, comic book, mobile app & voice recognition technologies as one product, these 4 elements together create an interactive and immersive experience. The series consist of a superhero human, a battle robot and an alien warrior. Kids can either read the comic book or install a free app to read it digitally. Figures take commands from kids and verbalize dialogues & sound effects, also help kids to make decisions at certain point of the story.

Delta Games New Generation Action Figure
Gary Man Delta Games
Gary Man New Generation Action Figure
Gary Man design
Gary Man design
Hedgehog Design Limited

Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, Hedgehog Design is the most established design company in Hong Kong which specializes in toys design. With more than 30 design professionals, in-house engineers and model makers, Hedgehog Design handle thousands of designs every year for clients ranging from individuals with novel ideas to large companies with global brands. Hedgehog Design provide comprehensive range of design services from toy & kids related product designs, to packaging & show room designs, animations as well as model making & TV advertisements. Through the years, Hedgehog Design has grown steadily; it has been diversifying and gradually develops into a world renowned creative power house for many international toy & product companies. Mr. Gary Man, founder and chief designer, is a highly sought-after designer, he has created many award winning toy series, and he is recently selected as the “preferred designer” by Global Toys News. Mr. Man is well-known for his competency and broad knowledge for design and development, his clients often demand Mr. Man to wave his magic wand for challenging design projects with tight schedule. In addition, Mr. Man always strives to drive the new generation designers for the future development of the industry by organizing training courses and as guest speakers for universities, design and toy associations. Under the leadership of Mr. Man, Hedgehog Design aims to provide highly professional services and designs to clients, which make Hedgehog Design excel the others. At Hedgehog Design, their philosophy in business is to bring high quality entertainments to everyone, especially to children all over the world.