Suliman Innab TriFlex Light
TriFlex Light is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
TriFlex Light

TriFlex is a dynamic collection of a single lamp that comes in different colours. The lamp's basic design is based on the equilateral triangle to include the base within for flexibility of use. An aluminium plate of 4 mm thickness shapes this FLEXible lamp base which can be placed on two of its sides enabling the light -a wooden cylinder with white frosted plastic cover for LED light at the end- to be positioned according to the 4 mm groove in the wood into the aluminium base in three different ways for a tweak in how the lamp could be placed.

TriFlex Light
Suliman Innab TriFlex
Suliman Innab Light
Suliman Innab design
Suliman Innab design
Suliman Innab

Design lover. A successful and talented creative director with extensive experience in design methodologies and conceptual thinking, based on the architectural background covering fields like architectural design, interior design, furniture, and branding design. A principal architect, passionate about design in general, and details in specific, reflected in many accomplished interior projects and some customized pieces for some spaces. A design lecturer in different Jordanian Universities. Participated in several Juries, and graduation projects discussions. Participated in different international exhibitions like Milan Design Week 2015, Design Junction London 2015, and Design Junction New York.


Morph-x is a design house provides a wide range of design services. furniture and objects are one of the professional services that morph-x became specialised with in the last 2 years and started to to provide some designs for clients and for house itself under the brand Suli which is subsidiary of Morph-x Design Studio.