Valerii Sumilov Le Tour De Monde Series of European wines
Le Tour De Monde Series of European wines is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Le Tour De Monde Series of European wines

Each product in the line is represented with a unique storyline, which reflects the main landmarks of the country that the wine comes from, all depicted in a vintage style. This project combines the classic spirit of Verne's novels in their aesthetics with the geographic classification of the wines themselves. The round label enveloping the bottle stimulates interaction, making the potential buyer take it from the shelf and look through the story in detail.

Le Tour De Monde Series of European wines
Valerii Sumilov Le Tour De Monde
Valerii Sumilov Series of European wines
Valerii Sumilov design
Valerii Sumilov design
Valerii Sumilov

For Valerii Sumilov, design is one of the most interesting methods of transforming the external and structural image of the world around us. Even more, without design its transformation would be impossible. It is present in all the domains of our lives, accompanies us from the moment of our birth to the oldest of age. We are born and we die in design. It is present in everything. Our body is the pinnacle of creation, the pinnacle of design. The human is beautiful and perfect. This is true for both our exterior and interior. Everything is well-organized, intertwined, forming a uniform system with various elements interacting between each other. Our dwelling, its decoration, the technology surrounding us, working place, habitat, the world around us – in everything there’s a design, serving as a means to transform the image of the world as well as to order its structure.

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