Sook Ko Hushbebe Baby products
Hushbebe Baby products is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Hushbebe Baby products

According to the research, senior citizens who are a big player in the nursery market prefer products modeled on nature. As a strategy, she selected the way that they could feel directly the nature and fun when they just arrived in the nursery section in the market that is already awash with organic and eco-friendly baby products in Korea. This packaging makes a big mountain in a wide variety of shapes when they are loaded for sale as showing various colors mountains by season. Also, this seasonal baby packaging function as baby toys so that grandparents don't need to buy blocks for baby toys.

Hushbebe Baby products
Sook Ko Hushbebe
Sook Ko Baby products
Sook Ko design
Sook Ko design
Sook Ko

Sook Ko is currently completing a masterĀ“s in Information Design at Design Academy in the Netherlands. Sook is working towards a career as an Information Designer. Sook believes that good design is easily accessible and communicable in daily lives. Thus, Sook is interested in observing mundane objects, experimenting with silly but fun ideas that pop up in the process and, eventually, bringing cool facts of life to design.

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